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Coding cable arrived today, so tonight after work, I followed Junior's tutorial... I succeeded, well for the most part. haha

I got rid of the major "low beam out" error and the low beam randomly going off. It had been going off like crazy lately... until I coded it out tonight. There is still one error that comes on when the headlights are turned on, and it's the "car on lift" error. Idk why that comes on still, but at least it doesn't ding or anything. It could be due to FEHLERMELDUNG... I think I have to set more of those to "nicht_aktiv." That error won't bother me at all. It's supposedly the car telling me that something is wrong (but it's really not).

While I was at it, I coded a bunch of other neat features. Here's everything I coded tonight:

Corner Delete (my favorite!!!)
NFRM module
Set the SIDEMARKER_US value to nicht_aktiv.

Disable Bulb Testing in Headlights
NFRM module
KALTUEBERWACHUNG_AL to nicht_aktiv (low beam cold)
WARMUEBERWACHUNG_AL to nicht_aktiv (low beam warm)
KALTUEBERWACHUNG_FL to nicht_aktiv (high beam cold)
WARMUEBERWACHUNG_FL to nicht_aktiv (high beam warm)
KALTUEBERWACHUNG_BLK_VO to nicht_aktiv (turn signal cold)
WARMUEBERWACHUNG_BLK_VO to nicht_aktiv (turn signal warm)
KALTUEBERWACHUNG_SL_V_L to nicht_aktiv (parking lamp left cold)
WARMUEBERWACHUNG_SL_V_L to nicht_aktiv (parking lamp left warm)
KALTUEBERWACHUNG_SL_V_R to nicht_aktiv (parking lamp right cold)
WARMUEBERWACHUNG_SL_V_R to nicht_aktiv (parking lamp right warm)
FEHLERMELDUNG_CC_SL_V_L to nicht_aktiv (parking lamp left error code)
FEHLERMELDUNG_CC_SL_V_R to nicht_aktiv (parking lamp right error code)

Windows Up with Key Fob
CAS Module

KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB from "nicht_aktiv" to "aktiv".

Sunroof Close on Rain Detection
SHD/FZD module
REGENSCHLIESSEN (to opposite value)

Digital Velocity
KOMBI Module
BC_DIGITAL_V set to aktiv.
BC_DIGITAL_V_KORREKTUR (If set to nicht_aktiv, digital speed will give true car speed. If set to aktiv, digital speed will be same as speedometer.)

Seat Belt Chime Off
ABG Module
SBR_BEIFAHRER_1 to nicht_aktiv
SBR_FAHRER_1 to nicht_aktiv

Wiper Finishes Cycle
JBBF module
ZYCLUS_VOLLEND_KLR_AUS (to opposite value)

Any other cool coding I should do???? If any of you run into problems with these headlights, it's really simple to code out the errors. I did it tonight in just two hours without any previous experience. Once you execute the first coding job, it's a piece of cake to replicate.

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