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Also doing cardio all the time that is extensive or demanding could take away from big strength gains in the weight room...this varies from person to person but it also greatly depends on the goals you are seeking from your workouts.....

protein shakes are the most practical way to get extra protein, if you are looking to stay lean then you need to find one with better calorie/protein ratios.

also you need to drink these spread out through out ur day. I like to take one in the morning and before i go to bed, and after a workout.

I typically only do cardio once a week. I do however try to keep my rest times between sets to a minimum no more than 2 mins usually, usually 1-1:30. I do this to keep my heart rate up thru out my lift, and to challenge my muscles.

theres a lot of things to take in especially if ur new to it. If you have any questions feel free to pm me.