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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
When talking about roads, and then mentioning NY. Why do so many poeple just assume I'm talking about NYC? Common sense from the traffic alone should tell you otherwise.

Road quality in the middle of a major city is a moot point anyways since you almost never get a chance to even drive at speed.
Bumping this.

Because 80% of NY's population in Westchester, NYC, or LI

and no the Cross Bronx is I95's leg through NYS (Its also the most heaviliy trafficed road in the country, as it handles all truck traffic from New England to places south of NYC) and that road is a minefeild.

Also, I will say this. Route 17 and I81 are good for the most part.

In a few counties however there are massive holes. Take it from me, ive cracked a stock BMW wheel on these roads. My car will never have a wheel larger than 17" on it again because of this.

And I really want austin to work themselves out. I want to do a North America hat trick in 2013, I have family in Texas after all!