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So, I installed my PedalBox today...

The box has 4 main programs

Program 1 - Sport
Program 2 - Agressive Sport
Program 3 - Economical
Program 4 - Moderate

Each program has 7 settings, Normal, +1, +2, +3, -1, -2, -3

Installing the device is fairly straight forward, you remove 1 screw on your accelerator pedal and plug the new Y harness into the original plug and into the pedal.

I immediately set the program to number 2 (Agressive Sport), +2.

Last weekend, I was at a bucks party, spent about $700 in a strip club, had a bit of a grin on my face for some of the night.

After driving my car with the PedalBOX, I had a much bigger grin, that lasts much longer - every time I drive the car.

Acceleration is CRAZY, the car FEELS like an angry beast, every time I accelerate, the biggest grin appears across my face.

This device does not make your car any faster, it doesn't add anymore power - BUT! It makes the car feel far more zippy, toey and ready to go.

For the $200+ that it costs, it is worth every penny. I spent more money on private shows that lasted less than an hour, but this thing will keep a smile on my face for a much longer time.

The box has 28 pre-programmed settings. This will even allow you to set the car to NANNY MODE with Setting 4 (Moderate), -3. Absolutely perfect for when the kids, valet or anybody borrowing the car.


For those that say its just a simple $2 device are ill-informed. There are 28 programs, each with a different power curve. The build quality of the PCB, the fact that it has OEM BMW connectors and full-colour instructions with 24/7 support from DTUK, its worth every cent.

Sure, when you break many products down to their most simply operative form, they can be said to be stupid, simple and overpriced. If you dont like it, can't afford it or think its overpriced, that's your problem - not that of the products'.

At the end of the day, you can choose what you spend your money on. If you want a car that feels like it is a monster, get a pedalbox. If you think electronics class at school can teach you to make one, you can do that too. If it is not something that interests you at all, thats fine too.

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