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Originally Posted by misterS3 View Post
But next you'll be saying what happens if you press the start/stop button while in motion (i know someone who's mate did that in their fast datsun while they were on the motorway! Not recommended, but the thread he posted about it is!)
No problem is the answer to the stop/start switch: regular readers may know I have a private pilot licence.

In one of my more gormless moments, after take off instead of switching the electric fuel pump off (leaving a gravity feed), I accidently hit the two big red switches and turned the entire electrical system of the whole aircraft off. I blame Piper Aircraft Company for putting the switches next to eachother, but anyway.

Other gormless moments include getting irritated by my motorbike keys rattling around while biking down the North Circular, then jiggling them while on the move and accidently switching the engine off......

Anyway, moral of these stories is if the thing you accidently press doesn't cause you to come to a sudden stop, you have time to fix it. Unf full handbrake application WILL cause you to come to a sudden stop, so it's dangerous.