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Originally Posted by sear View Post
Not saying that this wiki data is incorrect, but a few questions come up in reading it for sure...

Supposedly the octane calculations are incorrect becasue they were "incorrectly" done for ethanal mixed with gasoline instead of just pure ethanol... Isn't E85 a mix and not pure ethanol???
Also, the Wiki data points to a report that claims "backed up by octane tests"... I followed these links and found no evidence of any tests only the same summary claims repeated...

Again not saying any of this says the wiki report is false, but the N54 performance results seen to date seem to indicate the possibiliyt of the lower octane claims being incorrect
E85 is a mix typical gas is 10% ethanol where as E85 is usually 85% ethanol the rest is gas...From all the true "tests" I have seen it is the equlivent of 104ish octane...From running it in my bike that is turbo and non intercooled I have noticed that the bike runs much much cooler on E85 than on 91 or even 110...