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Originally Posted by carve View Post
I used to commute about 3 days per week whenever the temperature was between 25 and 95, which is most of the time. It was nice- woke me up...saved me time (no additional workout needed that day...basically an hour of working out that cost me 15 minutes of my schedule)...improved my mood.

Now though, I have to dress a bit nicer and often have to run to meetings across town in the middle of the day, so I don't bike commute much any more
I hear you, it's probably not easy to ride in 3-piece suit.

Which temperature is worse to ride, 25 degrees or 95 degrees? I would probably prefer to ride 25 degrees rather than in 95 degrees.

Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
i highly recommend Craigslist to new bikers. Get yourself measured and purchased a bike on craiglist that seems to fit the bill.

Seeing as you are riding on both road and trail its great thought you bought the hybrid and not a pure road bike yet. It sounds like your well on the right track!

As far as speed and things like that go it really depends on genetics and also what kind of shape your in. I have a bodybuilder type body and am in fantastic shape but im happy to average around 13 to 14 mph on a good day. Mountain biking and road biking are both fun on theyre own and if you decide you like the sport i highly recommend getting both a decent mountain bike AND road bike. mountain biking for the rush and road biking for the freedom.
That definitely makes a lot of sense: to have dedicated road bike and mountain bike.

Now I check local craigslist occasionally. May be if I see something inexpensive, I might jump on it.

Was at SA last week, and if I did not just got my hybrid bike, I probably could not resist this bike:

Black Friday price for this bike is $350, and it's new. Sounds like a good deal. Throw 3 year extended warranty on top of that, and that bike can be pushed to it's limits.
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