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Ride Height

I forgot to post ride height measurements. I am riding a bit high, and this is intentional. I wanted to gain suspension travel and clearance, and I wanted to experiment with steering feel.

It's possible to ride .2" lower than me with a simple change, and by selecting a spring from the 135i you can go lower than that. So if you are thinking of doing this, you don't have to ride this high at all.

Here are my numbers:

Day 2: LF 14.75" RF 14.625"
Day 2: LR 14.25" RR 14.1875"

In the rear, I measured 0.8" of bump travel before touching the bump stop. At the wheel that's 3" of total bump travel.
2007 328i ZSP. M3 suspension: custom valved Bilstein shocks, Hyperco race springs, M3 lower control arms front and rear, M3 sway bars, and M3 subframe bushings. E46 front guide supports. Euro tail lights.

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