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iTunes Match + iDrive

I posted this in the M3 section, but didn't get much action. Thought I'd try here.

Has anyone gotten an iPhone with iTunes Match enabled to work in their car (combox)?

After some testing today, it appears that I can see what's in my entire music collection (yay!) but when I try to play anything it ends up playing the same song over and over again.

For example, I dig through my music collection and decide to play a Weezer album. Instead, I get a song from Korn. Try picking a specific song from that Weezer album... still that song from Korn. Ok fine, I'll listen to Korn - so I hit the next and previous track buttons... still that song from Korn.

Lots of potential here with iTunes Match because we can have our entire music libraries (I have 10,000+ tracks) at our disposal... but not sure if there is some way to get it to work correctly with our systems.

Has anyone else here tried it out?