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Please Help !! Oxygen Sensor Problems

Hi Guys

Dont really post on here as much as i should. I have started to develop problems with my car. It was beginning the misfire when cold..also my oxygen sensor warning light has been coming on and off for a good 2 months.

I have changed the spark plugs even though the old ones looked fine and my RPM needle seems to be hunting slightly.

I have the code P2231. This code says that it is bank 1 sensor 1 that may be fauly so i think i will change this. I have the 4 cylinder car and just wanting to find out where is bank 1 sensor 1. I think it may be the one when looking under the bonnet it is to the left and down on the manifold.

Has anyone ever struck the same problem ?????

I know the coils are a bit of a stinker on this car but i have heard a car that runs on 3 cylinder and this car certinely is not.

Any help appreciated.

Its a 2006 e90 320i.