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i have a 2007 335i
i love the car, i bought it with very very low milage so its practicly new.
when i bought it it was still under warranty so i only needed to do reprogramming(gas pump and other recalls) and oil change.
now its out of warranty and i need to do the brake fluid and micro filter and bunch of shit they tell you in dealership(like plug it into the computer 75$ and other crap like standart scope 55$...)bottom line they wanted 450$+-
anyway i went to a mechanic my friend uses that does benz,bmw,porsche and he said he will do it for 150$ with original bmw parts.
he did the job and it seems fine and all.
but since i was there while he did it, i noticed that he didnt do it like in the online videos
he used a air pump to suck the oil out and then just put new brake oil in(original stuff and everything)
im just wondering is this the right way to do it? will it hurt my car?
does this bleeding/flushing thing a must or can it also be done the way he did it?

Thanks in advance

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