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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
UltimateBMW = BoostedB1mmer? Just wondering. I remember way back in the day after beating FFVII, felt like I lost a best friend when it was over. Well, hopefully they DLC is just as good and I'm already looking forward to a 2nd playthough.
Nah, I'm not him. Check my join date, this has been my user name since day 1.


Originally Posted by HOG4DNR View Post
The game just came out. How much sleep did you get last week?
The main campaign was shorter than I thought it'd be, unless I'm just wrong and I'm not done yet. There is certainly other things going on that I haven't done yet. Anyways, I bought the game Saturday night, have 42 hrs played. It's been out a week today. I just played at night when I got home from work. I slept plenty as well.

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