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BUMP! It's important though.

I just fired up GT5 and went into a practice session with a new car only to realize that I can't actually steer! As soon as the autopilot thing went away and gives you the controls, the car literally will not turn no matter how much steering input I give. I still have control over everything else, but no turning from either the stick or the d-pad buttons. I tried w/ multiple cars, settings, tracks, and even my spare controller and nothing. I restarted the game and it fixed nothing.

Then after I gave up and turned the PS3 off it rebooted on its own a minute later. I was nowhere near the controller Also, both the first and second (reboot) time I turned my PS3 on, the controller I used to turn it assigned itself to controller 2, even though the other wasn't on.

So is GT5 killing my damn PS3 or is it just some random glitch? Has snyone else had this problem?