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OP, do you really write like this, or are you just lazy, or on a phone and the typing is a pain in the ass? Sorry to flame, but what you wrote is barely comprehensible and I’m just trying to help you. What I didn't get from what you wrote was if the mechanic actually bled the brake lines. It appears all he did was replace the brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir.

If he just removed the brake fluid from the reservoir and replaced it, then he did not perform a proper brake flush. If the mechanic did not remove the wheels and flush the brake calipers by opening the bleeder valves with a wrench, he did not perform a complete brake flush. The fluid can be flushed by either using a vacuum extractor, or pressurizing the system at the brake fluid reservoir, or have someone pump the brake pedal, then opening each bleeder valve at the brake calipers individually until all the old fluid is removed from the system.