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Originally Posted by Turbomcp View Post
Thanks for your reply
yes i was in a hurry,not on the phone and not lazy
sorry you got affended by my non mechanic expertise
i saw you are big english teacher in other posts too"Could you please rewrite this in standard English? It is really difficult to understand what you are asking." thats nice and handy to have around forums
but seriously,
thats what i thought, he didnt remove any wheels so he basicly sucked all oil out and replaced it with new.
so whats the difrence? is it hugh deal? are you suposed to flush every time?
the difference is there is a small tube that runs from the brake matercylinder to the brake caliper at the wheel the small tube has brake fluid in it it needs to be replaced every so often the mechanic of your friend did not remove that brake fluid so it is still in there and needs to be removed and replaced with new stuff the mechanic of your friend did not know what he was doing