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BMW X3 Oil Problem

I know this is not an X3 forum, but i do own a 3 series as well as a x3, but i thought i would get more assistance on e90post.

I have a small issue. I just finished doing an oil change for my 2007 BMW X3, this is the first time that i am doing an oil change myself on this car in particular. When i first open the drain bolt, the oil comes out like normal, but i also notice that the oil leaks out not only from the drain bolt but a small rectangular hole near the bolt (SEE RED ARROW BELOW), as well as the rectangular door that is just below the door (SEE BLUE ARROWS BELOW) that contains the bolt.

I thought nothing of it at first, but after i let all the oil drain, i wiped up the surrounding area went along with the rest of the procedure and when i put the drain bolt back on (tightly) and the trap door back on, later i noticed that it was leaking oil a lot of oil dirty oil from that small rectangular hole (See Red Arrow Below) and the trap door that contains the drain bolt so i opened the trap door again and wiped everything up and checked the bolt again. But it was still leaking dirty oil, especially after i started the car up.

At this time i had already poured the new clean oil in so i figured it wasn't leaking from the bolt because the oil that was leaking was still dirty oil. Is there another place that the dirty oil leaks from?

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