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Originally Posted by DavidN View Post
I've never used the PB wheel sealant. I only use Z2 on my rims and I am very happy with how it performs. IMO, don't waste your money on any wheel specific sealant. Your Zaino will do a fine job (if not better) on your rims.

The product for use on interiors is called 303 Aerospace Protectant. I personally very rarely use a product on my dash. I prefer to just dust with a damp MF towel and leave it at that. However, in the odd times I have applied a dressing to the dash, I have reached for 303. It is water based and has UV protection.

For the most part, swirls cannot be properly removed by had, which is why I always recommend a machine for swirl removal. However, for faint spot swirls here and there, you can give the ZPC a whirl by hand. I have used it by hand on my Boston Green paint with good success on very faint towel swirls.
Thanks, David. Yeah, my scratches, though minor, are a bit deeper than faint towel swirls. So when the time comes (6 months), I'll buy the orbiter. Cheers.