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Originally Posted by Gregxi View Post
What a shitty game our o-line is a sieve, how the fuck can you run the ball when every line backer is is in the backfield a second after the snap

As much as it hurt to Steve Smith score on us, I hope Jerry Reece realized he fucked up. He fucked up every third down this year by not resigning him.
I cannot wait until he resigns with us next year
Remember when Steve Smith fell short of the first down last week completely screwing the Eagles... a few days later he comes out with a statement saying he is completely open to the idea of coming back to the Giants...

Then he shows up in our house and scores a TD and dances in front of the crowd... My feelings on him went from highs to extreme lows in like 10 minutes last night... Fuck Steve Smith... I will take Victor Cruz in a year after he has developed some more. However, both him and Ballard looked like they were playing for the other team last night.. I just don't get it.
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