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E90 - 320i - Auto - Noise

Hi Forum - I am scratching my hair out trying to locate a noise. I am hoping that someone has had a similar experience or pointers they can share.

Here goes.....When the car is Cold and i start her up she sounds fine. BUT as soon I engage her in 'R' or 'D' (AUTO) I start hearing a real loud GRUMBLE. - this goes away as soon as I drive away, and disappears when warm!

I have had it plugged into DIS and NO Fault Codes (initially i thought it was Transmission) but then again it still could be ( I suspected the Torque Converter). - however if it was the TC, then apparently i would hear a squealing sound when revved - (There is no such noise) - maybe wrong

As winter is setting here in the UK - i want to get this resolved

any thoughts...friends???