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how common is an electric water pump failure for you FBO guys?

so thought i'd post this in here since i'm not sure how many of you read up in the Maintenance section. but about 2 months ago my car started overheating....ended up being the water pump. at that time, the water pump and thermostat were replaced, and i was back on the road. fast forward to today, and my car sits broke down in the garage......same overheating issue. i checked the codes and have all 3 water pump codes P2E83, P2E84, P2E85.

are any of you FBO'd guys experiencing issues like this? i know quite a few of you push your cars a lot harder than i ever i'm just curious if anyone else has ran into this issue. my car only has 18k miles on it in close to 4 years.

ps JP got me scared with all the electrical issues he was having.