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Originally Posted by WallyF View Post
I changed the rear brakes and rotors on my 2006 325xi yesterday. Everything went well until I tried to remove the first rotor. It ws frozen to the center hub(dissimilar metal corrison). I checked to make sure the emergency brake was off. Since I did not have a wheel puller, my nephew suggested using a torch to heat up the rotor and crack the corrison.

Well after some time and a hammer, we were able to remove the rotor. Had to do to the same to the other rotor also.

After that things were just simple. I had replaced my front brakes and rotors on my E46 last year so I knew what to expect.

Has anyone had this problem with frozen rotors??

Okay, I know this is old, but I figured my technique might help someone reading this DIY. What I do for the rear rotors stuck to the hub (making sure the parking brake is off!) is spray some penetrating oil on the interface between the hub and rotor. Then I use a piece of wood doweling from coat closet (1 1/2 in diameter wood doweling about 15 inches long) and hit the rear face of the rotor using a 2 lb. sledge hammer. Rotate the rotor a bit and hit it all the way around. It will pop of in a jiffy. Using a sledge hammer allows you to get a lot of energy into the strike without a lot of swing speed.