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Originally Posted by panicos81 View Post
IŽll get her an ipad2. she wants one and its around 600 euro here which is a good price for a gift..

unless someone sends me one form the US which is cheaper.. anyone?
Yea, she got an ipad 2 recently, that would've been it though.

Originally Posted by matthewk View Post
How long have you been together and are you married, engaged, or is this someone you just want to keep happy until the next one shows up?
Haha, I never buy gifts for random girls! She stuck with me for a couple years so she should be the long term chick. Not married or engaged.

Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
wifey gets a purse every year... last year got her the Hermes' and i think thats it for the next 10 years.. LOL...
Let me borrow that purse real quick