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I want to comment on my very positive recent purchase experience with Irv Robinson. It was a European Delivery followed by Performance Center Redelivery and was about as complicated a transaction as you can imagine (details follow), but Irv was on top of everything throughout the process and it all worked flawlessly. Dealing with someone as straightforward, experienced and responsive as Irv, made the entire process smooth and trouble free.

I live in Texas, Irvís dealership is in Illinois, the car was to be registered in yet a different state where I live part time. All correspondence was to be to Texas, title and registration (all handled by Irv) was in the third state, and all of this had to be in place by the time of re-delivery in South Carolina. Do you see how things could get screwed up? Oh, and then there was the issue that I wanted to place the order before BMWís order book even opened up for the European Delivery date I wanted.

I think you get the picture Ė you donít want a novice handling a situation like this. Over the last 20 years or so, I have taken ED of 3 Mercedes and 3 BMWs, so I was pretty familiar with the process in general, although the details seem to change a bit each time. However, this was the first time I have taken re-delivery in the U.S. at other than the selling dealer, so I was a bit apprehensive about potential confusion in the registration process, but all was in order.

If you want to take European Delivery, and who wouldnít, you canít go wrong dealing with Irv. Another friend (who also lived in another state) I referred to Irv was also delighted with the experience.