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Originally Posted by jdommitch View Post
The car is out of warranty (just) and was bought privately.Well I haven't pushed it with them, but you are right, I should.
it shouldnt matter that the car is out of warranty or bought privately, the fact is these rims are not man enough for the combination of run flats and english roads. Alot of dealers will try sell you new rims and say they will then do a test on your old ones and if they are within a pre determined tolerance on a run out test, they will then ask bmw for a "good will" payment. Bmw seem to have loosened up on this, I know a few people who've had rims replaced now FOC, they still wont admit theres a problem with the rims and try to make the process as difficult as possible hoping most people will just forget it.
Heres my advice to you,,,,if youve got a spare set of wheels,fit them, if not, buy a cheap set to keep you mobile, as luck would have it, i know where theres a set with good tyres going cheap

then get your tyres removed from the damaged rims, if you have a good local engineering company, ask them if they will test the "roundness" of the rims, this can be done by mounting the rim in a lathe chuck (needs to be a big industrial sized lathe) and then testing with a dial test indicator. im not certain on the bmw tolerance, but its stated somewhere in this thread. You might have to give them a little cash to do this of course but its cheaper than taking them to the dealer to do it first, only for them to tell you the wheels are out of tolerance and blame you (or previous owner) for driving down pot holes. If the wheels are in tolerance try to take videoed evidence on your phone or something, then book the wheels in to your local dealer for the run out test, you'll have to pay for this but you know the wheels are going to pass, then tell them you want all the damaged rims replaced by bmw. Once you have your new shiny rims, flog them on ebay, and buy a decent set of aftermarket rims with non run flats, and then sell the wheels and tyres you should buy off me for more (or the same).
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