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Originally Posted by brocken View Post
How many followers can you take with you at once? Just one?

I need some help on Morokei, he's kicking my butt.
Yeah one follower. The HouseCarls are the best from my experience, my fav is the HouseCarl from Solitude. I enchant a random set of armor, ring and necklace with fortify smithing, equip it, and max some daedric armor for legendary + 100% (the 20% smithing from ring/necklace/armoir stacks). So your HouseCarl will be nigh invincible.

Housecarls favor shield + sword so
  1. ring w/ +32 one hand and + XX archery
  2. necklace w/ +32 one hand and + XX archery
  3. enchanted sword with +20 absorb health and +25 absorb stamina.
  4. chest armor is +50 health and +50 stamina
  5. gauntlets is +32 one hand and + XX archery
  6. boots also +32 one hand and forgot the other
  7. no enchantment for helmet till I can find a nice secondary enchantment in addition to archery

You can also summon Lucien LaChance as a semi-follower and then summon a Dremora Lord if you want a team.

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