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What a week! Sunday morning went for a ride. At some point I hit wrong brakes; front brakes locked , wheel stopped and was airborne. I flew over handle bars like a bird. That's when I realized I needed biking gloves, and not riding around in running gloves. So, tore my gloves, scratched my hands, hit and scratched my knee (which is still hurting after running), got bruises in several places.

Other than the fall, I did 20.85 miles in 2 hours and 9 minutes or so, or about 10 mph. The ride was great, although around half 2/3 of the way, my ass was becoming numb.

So, tonight I took that bike (Diamondback) back to SA (today was last day to return/exchange it) and exchanged for something more sporty and faster: K2 Astral 2.0

Will try to ride it on Thursday or Friday.

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A bit late but I'll chime in on speeds, etc. The loop I do every weekend is 15 miles and takes exactly 1 hour. Going clockwise, it's all right turns and uphill the majority of the way and I average 15mph (obviously). There is one steep downhill where I hit 40.6mph a few weekends back which is kind of scary but quite a rush. I'm absolutely LOVING road biking... to the point where I have yet to take out the mountain bike but I do plan to change gears to MTB when the sand hits the streets in the winter. I second what someone said earlier about having a good road bike and a good mountain bike. Now is also an AWESOME time to buy a bike. Most 2011 models are 25-40% off.
Not late at all. 15 mph sounds like a good speed. 10 mph I was going seemed little slow, new bike should be faster.

Why do you switch to MTB in the winter? Does sand on roads impact handling too much?

You right, now is great time to buy it, everyone is having big sales. On Black Friday I will return to Sports Authority, and see what they will have for MTB. K2 bike I got was on sale, plus I had 25% coupon on top of that. So, when I exchanged it, I only had to pay $40 extra for much better bike.

BTW: any suggestions on biking gloves? I'm thinking Pearl Izumi gel gloves: regular for now, and later I can get something for colder days.
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