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Originally Posted by magmd View Post
So, in their eyes...the coupe will never compete with the sedan b/c the sedan is more practical and basically looks exactly the same.
It has nothing to do with "practicality" and by no means are the looks "exactly" the same. The E90 looks much better than the E92.

The E90 was designed first (intro March 2005). Then, presumably to save money, the E92 was designed over the same chassis (intro Aug 2006). To me, this compromise is totally obvious. The coupe's proportions are all wrong: The E92 looks like, and is, a porker. The fact that the weights are within 22 lbs of each other should cause every E92 owner to have a humiliation seizure I suspect the E92 appeals to the subset of the over 40 crowd who reminisce over grandpa's old Eldorado coupe, or think it will satisfy their mid-life crisis without upsetting the wife too much, or to the under 40 crowd who equate 4 doors with a lack of significant penis.

Of course, buy what you want. But make sure you compare the two in person; photographs can be very misleading. If you really want a coupe, consider a real one, like the Z4.
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