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Originally Posted by Tinted_335is View Post
Long time lurker here with a 2011 335is convertible ... I got this past summer brand new. Here's a video of my car [u2b][u2b].

I've already done the golf tee mod (thanks for the tip)

I'm debating on getting the JB4 upgrade with JB4 Dual Cone Intake. Through the very intuitive search button... I found some reviews, but I'm still on the fence, is it worth it? Should I buy the JB4 used through other forum members (does anyone have one their selling - I prefer unused and brand new?).

Thanks in advance guys (and gals),

nice car. I'd say the JB4 is worth it. You can really feel the additional tq in the low end and the car gains what it needed most, some top end pull. It really just pulls through the entire gear now.

the DCI just sounds fantastic, you can really hear the turbos spool up. I bought the combo used off a member on the board and had no issues. for $400 I really can't complain.

Here's a quick vid of my car, you can hear the DCI/spooling a little in the vid.


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