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Originally Posted by Glim View Post
Looks like this picture?
Pretty much. The E90 verson is much clearer; not sure the source of your pic. I was wrong (I just looked at my service notes) the SES light does come on with this symbol - sorry for the confusion.

I discovered this when my car kept showing this funky light on the dash back in Aug 2007. The symbol is not in the 2006 version of the owners manual. My OBDII scan tool kept coming up with a fuel system vacuum leak (loose gas cap). I kept resetting it and made sure my gas cap was fully closed. Bugged the crap out of me for a few months. Thought I had a bad gas cap and was waiting for a service interval for BMW to warranty it. I took my car in for free service in December 2007 and found out a mouse had eaten a hole in the vent pipe from the filler neck to the carbon canister.