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Originally Posted by brocken View Post
How many followers can you take with you at once? Just one?

I need some help on Morokei, he's kicking my butt.
What class-type are you playing as? That guy sucks, took me a while to kill him. I'm playing as a caster more or less, so I had to position myself behind some rocks in the room to hide from him. When I had my unrelenting force up, I'd hold my shout button and time it so that when I stepped out from behind the rock it hit him so he couldn't nail me with lightning, then I'd cast my lightning at him until I was out of magicka, then I'd hide again...

Kind of lame, but did the trick. Otherwise, I could take two hits of his lightning and I'd die. I suppose the same could work if you're melee, just shout him so he's stunned for a couple, run to him and beat on him a little, then run and hide again when he pops back up. Won't get much damage and takes a while to finally kill him, but it gets the job done. Hope that helps!

Also, I finished the main quest line the other night, and I'm only level 21 I think? Not very high, but I got too involved in the main quest to do any side quest lines. I am into the Companions line now (almost finished I think) and am kind of in the Dark Brotherhood line. Still lots more to do until I am done.
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