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Hi guys,
I have an idea for heating seats, I will appreciate any comments.

I have purchased comfort seats few months back apparently heated.
I just got around to retrofit them from semi electric heated to comfort heated.
After lots of fiddling around and learning to read schematics once connected I actually noticed they are not heated after all. I still have old seats and I was thinking instead flogging them and purchasing retrofit heated pads (where cost would be similar, but buttons on the center console would not be working), rip the heating elements from old seats (cutting out leather as they are glued) stick them under new leather. This would be an easy part, but seat modules are made just per seats option, so current ones does not have pins for heating.
the idea is: take the module from old seats, bring the power and k-can Hi and Lo to it (just split the cables from comfort seat module) and plug them in. because of the limited space under the seat the secondary module would have to be inside backrest.
this way the buttons on the center console should be working fine and so as the heating.
question: in theory this is just heating circuit and k-can giving the signal to heating elements, so the car should not notice and get confused with 2 seat modules per seat, is that right?

thank you