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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Who opened the gates?

For 3 days Wifey and I have been enjoying minimal crowds in Vegas. No waits for the valet to bring the car, no need for reservations at the restaurants, no major crowds choking the sidewalks of The Strip. All that changed today with the influx of the long weekend crowd. What a zoo tonight. We stopped into Walgreens because I needed shaving cream and it was absolutely packed. I couldn't believe it.

(As a side note, women who make everyone wait and wait and wait while they dig to the bottom of their purse for exact change SHOULD BE SHOT.)

The weather has been perfect, though. Good for walking around and touring the parks. I love driving through the hinterlands here. Beauty everywhere.

AWESOME pict. I can stare at it for hours...makes me just wanna chill and do nothing!