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Originally Posted by Josh1a1h View Post
ZZZZ thank you for getting back to me.

This is great...

So as long as everything is connected, and working correctly and the codes are coded out... I should have no problems.

Now i just need to make sure my HID Reverse light install goes correctly... Need to find some relays to take the stress away from the stock wiring.
Any car stereo shop will have the relays you need for your HID reverse lights. My primary concerns would be melting of the light lenses, and finding a proper mounting area for the ballasts where they can be properly vented.

Just wondering if you've ever considers putting in some wireless rear parking sensors instead, or a wireless reverse cam with the display hidden in your rearview mirror or dash mounted display instead of the HID reverse lights?

Another option to get more light output when reversing if of course to add a relay to turn on your rear turn signals along with your reverse lights when reversing... (may be able to code this too as an option?)

Just some ideas.