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Originally Posted by Havok_2011 View Post

The guy who posted it owns MagnusMotorsports and has thousands of clients. It's not some dude posting something random on facebook.

I feel for them, because if something like this happened to me, i'd be at the gun store getting my Scarface on.

To my understanding, the only reason they even know who stole the car was because the cops approached them to report what happened to their stolen car.

So whats so suspicious about this that makes you doubt its authenticity?

Just curious....
Nothing jumps out at me, but thankfully we live in a society where people are considered innocent until proven guilty. Proven guilty means proven guilty in a court of law, not by way of a social media site. If this Rukus Motorsports did actually steal the car and it is convicted, then I have no issue smearing the company and its principals all over the web. Until then, slander at your own risk...
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