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I understand your view point and from a legal perspective you stand correct, but me saying "just wow..." does not fall under slander at all, me merely making reference to the magnitude of the situation given the accusation and arrests made would indicate that this could very well be true. To get arrested for something like this, a reasonable suspicion must exist and some form of evidence to warrant an arrest.

I cannot just call the the cops and say, hey, the shop down the street stole my car, go arrest everyone...

You have your opinion and view, and that's fine.

But someone who loses their car in a manner such as this, especially if this is true, I could not care if convictions are laid or not, this is something serious and I would rather support the enthusiast in his time of need and frustration then say, well you could be a liar so GFY!

But of course, if you are ok with sex offenders and child killers walking the streets freely because the police handled evidence incorrectly and did not read him/her the rights accordingly or mishandled another aspect of the case, tough luck.

Nobody here is proposing to go shooting, or burning the place down. Jim.e has stated to stay away from the place and he showed support why. Let people make their own choices.