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Oil change, oil level indicator.

Yesterday I brought my car to the dealer for an oil change. Mileage 6874. Oil level indicator was always at Full position and just few days before dropped down a bit, I would say maybe like one fourth, really insignificant amount, which I consider normal consumption at almost 7K mileage. By the way, I am not sure if it make any difference, but service mileage indicator up until now still stays at 15K, and I do not baby my car They changed the oil, good price - 70 bucks.

When I got car back the same day and turned it on, the oil level showed the same amount of oil like it was when I brought it in - down by maybe one forth from Full mark. I showed it to the mechanic, he was surprised. Added just a bit more oil. Still oil indicator shows the same amount. He is asking me to bring the car back tomorrow so they can see what is wrong and he suspecting the oil level indicator sensor. I would say pretty obvious suspicion Because this is the first thing that also popped up in my mind.

This morning I start the car in my garage, idle not more than one or two minutes, check oil level before I drove away, and... oil level is at Full mark now!

I still drive to the dealer this morning and describe the situation. SA tells me that he also spoke with the mechanic this morning and he said that in order to get proper oil level measurement it should be checked when the vehicle is at it's operating temperature. So for now I did not leave the car at the dealer (nothing wrong with it at the moment) and basically want to know if anyone has more technical info on this. How accurate oil level indicator is? How fast it should reflect change in oil level? All other related info is greatly appreciated. Are there any mechanics on this board?

Thanks everyone.
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