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Originally Posted by jimmydever View Post
I really don't care about a dyno sheet or the fact you think I'm in some sort of denial. I bought it for sound, it sounds great and knew what I was paying for it. end of story. Why are you being a little dick?

I don't and never will think my 330 is a racecar. All I was saying was that in normal day to day driving I have not noticed any of the supposed power loss or surging that every says happens.
if your LITTLE DICK could ever read... this thread was and im sure it is still about surging issue and possible initial lead to fixing infamous power loss that has been going around the forum by the owners of the intake.

perhaps it is also for those who may be a future customer of the intake could take into consideration that the heat soak and power loss and surging is a possible fix and purchase on a good note.

no one said anything about anyone being racecar... and if its the sound you bought it for thats great, but you do know intake isnt best for sound results you know.

be a little mature about posting sometimes, im sure you dont call everyone who disagrees with you dicks... do you? you may be an immature teen but imma take it that you're a mature individual here and everyones post gets flamed now and then by a disagreeing individual(s)... even mine. and thats why its called a forum.

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