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Originally Posted by Thumperx View Post
I second DaFish's findings.

I have Velocity motorcars rear suspension links, and they really help keep everything planted in the rear. Since there's no rubber bushings at each of the links, steering input is increased. Having said that, yes, NVH is up a bit.

Additionally, I track my car and it was well worth the effort to change over these types of toe arms.
Thanks for giving your experience! But, can you be a lot more specific? What does it mean they keep everything planted? What exactly is the difference? Keeping in mind that we understand perfectly the theoretical benefit of replacing bushings with ball joints; I'm asking about what you felt. And what does it mean, steering input is increased? Steering accuracy and on-center feel are very important to me, but your description could mean so many different things... I know you're just trying to share your experience, I'm trying to get some rigor here.

If the people who have the arms could be specific about what exactly the difference was, without vague language, and what your test was, it would be 10X more helpful to us that don't have the part.

And thanks for the feedback on NVH, I haven't heard anyone mention that before.
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