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Originally Posted by shad951
But by responding like a smart-ass like you did to him is no better then him calling you a name, so practice what you preach.
I do. I attacked (actually I was making fun of, but that seems to have gone under) his post. Not the poster. How could I, I know nothing about him.

The response was a personal attack. I see a difference, donīt you?

Throw dirt at what Iīm saying if you like, Iīll take it without complaining. I just might argue it.

Throw dirt at me personally and itīll make you look immature.

But nevermind, I still believe some posts call to be made fun of, wether someone else finds them usefull or not. The really cool members here will respond with a sense of humour such as "what, me stating the obvious, how could that ever be " Btw, I wasnīt the only one to think so, there were others (though regarding the similar original post).

Then again, I know that sometimes things are said in the heat of the moment that are not meant or not neccessarily typical for the character of the poster. So Iīm not really mad. (after all, were not talking about a Battmahlik response here). But I will call upon it. And the edit is all thatīs needed to settle this.
No, not THAT kind of tierfreund!