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Originally Posted by c-mon-son View Post
Wait a minute! where did those last two comments go...? That was comedy!
Hahahaha "cargo hooks..."
Who's worried about rear seat nets (magazine pouches) and cargo hooks on a performance car! Hahahaha

Hey guess what?! Porsche got rid of the back seats on the GT3... Oh no, what are we gonna do now... car still m*rders on the track.
why would you buy a car of these calibers if your worried about stuff like that, unless your just buying it for STATUS.
Precisely, the hooks and nets are pretty insignificant and cheap. It cant cost BMW full dollars to put them in. I don't care that much about them as I bought this car for driving pleasure. I am simply illustrating a point that BMW will remove things and still charge more for it. The semantics of what is removed is largely unimportant here, even though the removal of the cargo hooks is more frustrating than you might think; I haul things sometimes in my car too and with only two hooks a cargo net cannot be used.