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Originally Posted by Ron1n View Post
I can tell you that I have a 4S, running iOS5, and a '10 with 6FL, and streaming Pandora/Spotify, etc, works on my phone, so I know that 6FL is capable (and the version you have *should* be the same version I have. If you paid for 6FL, it should work, but there was a lot of discussion about the 6FL cables and them working properly/charging our phones. Can you see what the model # is on your cable, just for grins?
Here we go. Part # 61-12-0-440-812 and then it says 0 440 796 on the cord itself. Good to know that it works for you and with a newer iPhone too. I'm sure it will end up being a silly issue and will work out, but it's so far no luck. Thanks again!