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RWD is fine in the snow until you hit inclines, I got my XI because I have steep inclines on both entrances to my subdivision and even a hint of ice is enough to halt progress up a hill with the really good snow tires. XI on Conti DWS it still takes work, but the AWD pulls it up, as well I have a steep climb on a right 90 degree sweeper and with any kind of RWD you instantly break loose as you gas it up the hill which puts you into the other traffic lane. Worst is the FWD cars on that corner, as the tires breaking loose sends you right into the ditch on the side of the road

Still I can see the wisdom of getting an i for the 3 seasons, and a SUV/small truck (early 2000s Tacoma!) for when the snow. I personally love AWD, so I didn't go with that reasoning, but I can see where it makes sense for a lot of people that love the twisties (XI stock suspension is poor compared to i).