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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
I'm also surprised to see that my Z3 M Coupe is only an inch longer than the current Miata. Now if BMW would just build a Z2 already, I'd get back to ignoring these ugly little things.
Z3 M Coupe

Ashetics aside, you've got to love all of them for the pure joy of the driving fun.

Toyobaru is, however, the perfect cocktail:

1) Low weight;

2) Low center of gravity;

3) Low drag coefficient (Cd);

4) Relatively low fuel consumption;

5) Low price;

6) High-rev engine;

7) Classic boxer-engine sound;

8) RWD with LSD;

9) The superior Double wishbone rear suspension to enhance handling; (Due to the lack of room, by virtue of the naturally larger flat-engine, the front suspensions are MacPherson struts just llike in Porsches);

10) Coupe's extra rigidity;

11) Weight distribution of 53/47% between front and rear;

12) Good rear space (but not true 4 seats );

Now go and try to match that... a NO BRAINER!!!

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