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First off, thanks op for the DIY! Was easy to do following your steps.

The only issue I have is the LEDs do not look as bright as I imagined it. I bought the same LEDs as op as well as the ones yakev recommended on the first page n they both seemed to have the same light output. After some research it seems avago brands are known to be bright so I just placed an order. Hope these are brighter. I'll post comparison pics as soon as they come in.
Don't get me wrong even though I'm disappointed with the light output I still prefer it over the stock ambers. Hopefully the avago brand are brighter.

Edit. I was wrong in saying yakev's led's emitted the same light output as op. I re-tested them side by side and yakev's brand was brighter. My bad, lol!!
So here's a comparison with ops brand on left and yakev on right. Again its all personal preference, some like it brighter and some don't.
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