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This response is PURE win!!! thank you so much for the response.

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
This dvd is clearly labeled as a PAL video and Region "0" or "zero". See the white bar at the bottom of this scan. Just under runing time... and that disc symbol of FSK "0" means all regions, or region free.

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You have three options... 1). try looking around the web for a "DVD hacks" code to make your player region free. You simply input a region free hack code into your player to make it play different regions and it also unlocks the PAL/NTCS and Macrovision copyright codes. This will also allow you to play NTSC and PAL dvds. At least that is what I have found in using my Philips dvd players.

Try looking here...

2.) IF those codes don't work for you... years ago I bought a cheap Philips dvd player at Walmart. I think it sold for under $44. Use the same website to seach for the dvd hack code... I know with Philips DVD players I can play a PAL or NTSC disc with no problems.

3.).... try dowloading a free version of "DVD Shrink". Most laptop dvd players are region free and DVD Shrink will allow you to copy a PAL dvd and burn it in NTSC format. Shrink will also allow you to burn the dvd in region free - but this is not the problem with this film/dvd since it comes in "Region 0". I think using DVD Shrink program might be the easiest option for you.

for a free copy of DVD Shrink...


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