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Originally Posted by hotrod2448 View Post
I like how the OP started this thread to discuss the potential ramifications of making the kind of power the Procede makes, not to bash anyone. Yet, he is the one who has drug this down the depths of troll hell by posting hear say and bullshit.

Look dude, if you want to talk about tuning lets talk about it. Let's not talk bullshit that you can't prove or heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a guy who has a blown motor caused by Shiv and had absolutely nothing to do with his 10,000 passes down the drag strip, that 100 shot of nitrous and, shifting at redline for every gear.

If you are really curious about how the product works instead of pulling shit out of your ass to cause controversy (which we all know is what you want) why don't you ask some relevant questions like:
What's the knock count on a Procede tune?

Is there still a low octane map for the ECU to switch to in case it does detonate from bad gas or something?

There is all kinds of other info out there already about the Procede tune (more than you can say about any other tuner for these cars) like AFR's and boost numbers that you could check out if you wanted to. However, to me it sounds like you have no fucking clue what you are talking about in the first place and are just going by what other people tell you with no real knowledge of how or why certain things work or don't work or why Shiv can get the numbers he can and other tuners can't and therefore it's "unsafe".

Oh, and by the way why don't you try going to the dealership and showing them ANY piggyback unit and see how that goes. Be sure to video tape that too.

I'm not a shiv fan boy and I would say this if this were about any other tuner as well, it really pisses me off when someone with an obvious agenda starts spouting off "facts" to try and discredit someone else with little to no factual evidence.

This thread should be closed. It isn't about learning anything (except who to add to my ignore list) it's just more useless crap.
Ignore list because I opened a discussion about chip tunning and its side affects and then Shivs trolls starts spamming bs? You sound very knowledgeable, so why don't you inform us what is going on instead of being so "pissed" off about it? Did I personally cross you in some way? Maybe the hear say is bs, and I didn't even talk about them in my original post. But shiv came on here and said, "why don't you tell us what people are saying?" so I told what I heard. Did I say what I heard is in fact 100% accurate? No. So before you start pointing fingers, go back and read the whole thing. I came here with a friendly discussion. Yes its kind of out of hand now, but really. I had no intension of making it a flame war but look what shiv's supporters did to the thread. And go back to any other thread about procede and why it always gets to become a thread like this. Because someone always get some damn defensive. Why? Its like they are 100% certain they have best hands down piggy back. Maybe they do, but why don't we discuss and explain it in a logical manner to the rest of us who is not in the "know". Instead of bashing us calling us names and say we work for other tuners. How old are these ppl running the company?