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UPDATED: Video Teaser - A New Chapter: Powered by M

It's teaser time again! Hot off the press here's part 1 of "a new chapter: powered by BMW M".

When you listen to the engine carefully you can hear it's a diesel engine. At this point we can only speculate what this is about exactly, but if we were forced to do so we'd say it's a promotion for the long-rumored M Performance Diesel models called X6 M50d ( and M550d for the F10) powered by a 3.0l inline 6 Diesel engine with no less than 3 turbochargers.

If rumors coming from a dealer presentation in the Netherlands prove true, this engine will make 381 hp and over 516 lb-ft torque. Complimenting the power plant is a dedicated M Sport Package and some other goodies. In other words, this will be a dedicated Diesel M model to sit right between the range-topping regular X6 and the X6 M. But this is merely our speculation.

Front and rear lights are still blurred to not give away the LCI changes yet. As usual with Diesel models it's uncertain at this point if the X6 M50d will be available in the US.

Enjoy the video in the meantime and stay tuned for more information in the coming days.

UPDATE: BMW tries to raise the anticipation and just released another video called "Step 2". There's no new information or new details shown, but BMW promises that the X6 M50d will make you feel "like on a race track" on every road and that it "deserves the M badge". Guess we'll have to wait and see if it actually can live up to these promises. Check the video out below.