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Originally Posted by StylePoints View Post
Ignore list because I opened a discussion about chip tunning and its side affects and then Shivs trolls starts spamming bs? You sound very knowledgeable, so why don't you inform us what is going on instead of being so "pissed" off about it? Did I personally cross you in some way? Maybe the hear say is bs, and I didn't even talk about them in my original post. But shiv came on here and said, "why don't you tell us what people are saying?" so I told what I heard. Did I say what I heard is in fact 100% accurate? No. So before you start pointing fingers, go back and read the whole thing. I came here with a friendly discussion. Yes its kind of out of hand now, but really. I had no intension of making it a flame war but look what shiv's supporters did to the thread. And go back to any other thread about procede and why it always gets to become a thread like this. Because someone always get some damn defensive. Why? Its like they are 100% certain they have best hands down piggy back. Maybe they do, but why don't we discuss and explain it in a logical manner to the rest of us who is not in the "know". Instead of bashing us calling us names and say we work for other tuners. How old are these ppl running the company?
If you don't know the facts you should not post them. I think it is more what you did to antagonize Shiv's supporters by posting hear say then them starting anything from what I read. It's just about the same in any other Procede thread as well. Everything goes along fine and then some douche comes along and instead of asking "how can you get these results and why is it safe?" they say " Well, I heard you've blown up X number of motors and other tuners tell me this isn't safe. So, how long before this one blows up?" Basically asking the same question just two totally different ways of approaching it. One way promotes intelligent conversation, the other arguments.

It's shit like your last sentence that take away any credibility of your reasons for posting. If you want people not bash you maybe you start by having the same courtesy for others.

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