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Originally Posted by Railgun View Post
That said, you can get an 11" screen and sit on top of it and get the same result if you were using a 32", five feet away or a 65", 10 feet away.
Don't know if its the same for everyone, but this is definitely not true for me in gaming. I started out playing Halo 3 from 8 feet away on a 52" LCD and noticed that I played much better only sitting 3-4 feet away from my 32" CRT TV. At first I thought it was the full screen vs widescreen, but then I saw that on MLG they play with 22" LCD TV's and all the comments about it were about how much they liked that size. I needed a new computer monitor anyways so I bought myself a 21.5" monitor and sure enough I played much, much better.

In the end ive noticed that I play much better with a 21-24" monitor sitting on my desk than on any larger TV from any distance.

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