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I was waiting for someone to point this out, because this is what I thought.

However, sitting close to a 32" TV and sitting far away from 46" TV has a big difference. I don't know why, there has to be scientific explanation to this. When I sit close to 32" TV and play, I still feel very comfortable, able to see everything within my eye sight. However, sitting far away from the 46" TV to gain that same amount of "vision" or "sight", it is very different. You have more "broader" sight of everything, you can't just concentrate on the TV any more since you are just so far away.

I think its something like this. Movie theater versus sitting close to large HDTV to gain similar experience. It is never the same. Viewing experience just isn't even close to it. You can have a 55" plasma TV 4 feet front of you with polk monitors setup for 1500watt, you will not feel the same way as if you are in the theater. Though, yes, if I had such nice setup, I wouldn't go to movie theater.

Also, when the guy described "aim speed", he didn't mean actual speed of the aim being faster fundamentally. It is the feel. With larger screen, you see the guy on the top left screen much slower, you move your crosshair to the point in a slower fashion. Hope this makes sense.

Spending extra $300 bucks for just game console TV might sound a bit over the line (especially when I only play PES 2012 and MW3), but if I do get a dedicated game console TV, I can just have the 46" in my bedroom for movies and formula one races.
The user is the least common denominator when you're trying to figure out whether a bigger screen will slow you down. When I sit at my desk in front of the 42" monitor, I physically have to move my eyes and head, my field of view and focus shrinks, and it makes me suck more than I already do. For a computer setup, you're not usually going to be more than a couple feet away. I had to switch to my 23" monitor for FPS because with 42", it was just too damn close.

Now, if I sat a few more feet away, the 42" would be my choice.